We help companies build valuable services, experiences or processes to accelerate their digital transformation and innovation. We design what matters.


It’s all about strengthening your company’s ability to innovate, to put products into the market much faster and to create real value.




1 Insights & Research

What’s the problem, really? We help companies to identify problems and opportunities through a combination of data patterns and ethnographic studies. 

Key words:
Data Analysis
Field research
Customer Journey Mapping
Design Audit


2 Agile Strategy Execution

The new age of strategy combines thinking and doing. Our approach is to systematically activate the hypothesis driven business development process – from idea generation to scaling – through six simple steps – we call it Proof-By-Design.

Key words:
Business Model Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
Customer Engagement Strategy
Innovation Thesis


3 Corporate start-up

How can established companies work like a start-up? We help you organize and setup your internal innovation unit.

Key words:
Innovation Operating Model
Lean Startup
Design Thinking
Business Innovation
Digital Transformation


4 Product Innovation

Lack of ideas is rarely a problem. The real challenge lies in identifying and developing the products that actually end up creating value for you and your customers. Our framework ‘Proof-by-Design’ enables us distilling great ideas and develop them into desirable products. 

Key words:
Design Sprint
Innovation Practice
Minimum Viable Product


5 Digital Implementation

Ok, let’s build and ship your product. Through the past 17 years we’ve developed and implemented more than 500 digital solutions. We build websites, app’s and digital services.

We generally always handle UX, design and frontend (HTML) in-house. Backend development, integrations and post-launch service are delivered through our sister company, Headnet, or other capable tech partners.

Website, App’s
Responsive Design
Content Management System
Open Source


6 Brand Experience Design

We help our customers identify, manage and activate their unique brand potential. We design coherent brand experiences across a wide range of scales and media for some of the largest brands in Denmark.

Key words:
Brand Platform
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Experience Map.