VIA University College




How do you create coherence and a sense of community in a highly diverse educational institution?


Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016
Communication Design


Mikkel Jespersen


VIA was established in 2008 as a fusion between various teaching centres, and is now the largest Danish university college with more than 18,000 students and 8 different campuses in Jutland.

VIA subsequently managed to create high brand awareness, but failed to be known for anything particular. The brand wasn’t connected to their most valuable assets: The lecturers, students and employees.




From a Logo to a Brand in Context



The logotype consists of a statement and VIA as a catalyst for the relevant sender of information. On top of this comes a graphic logo. The combination of these elements form a unique logo, that is designed to fit the specific context.

With a range of 110 graphic logos – as opposed to a single corporate logo – and the context-driven logotypes, the attention is centred on the relevant sender of information, whether it's a specific education, a campaign or a research centre, and on the appropriate target group.




Making Sense


All communication has to make sense to the targeted individual recipient. And the individual recipient should experience VIA as representing their own personal connection to the educational institution – and not some distant corporate entity.

The solution is implemented across a wide range of media, online as well as offline. On website and social media, in publications and informational materials, and in wayfinding and decorative safety markings on campus.