Torvehal Bornholm

Visual identity for a food market.




Torvehal Bornholm is a food market located in the old slaughterhouse in Rønne. Here you will find the very best of Bornholm, when it comes to food vendors, spanning both well-known brands and new innovative startups.

The ambience and atmosphere, made up of flavors, scents and the versatility among the vendors - make Torvehal Bornholm a food market like no other.

But how do you boil down a barrage of sensory impressions to a visual identity, that encapsulates the unique qualities of Torvehal Bornholm? 

In a market, where competition is tough when it comes to gastronomic experiences in the city, Torvehal Bornholm approached 1508 with this challenge.


Mikkel Jespersen




It was apparent to us, that the driver for Torvehal Bornholms visual identity would be the liveliness and versatility that is the essence of the market's atmosphere.

The busy ambience had to come off as energetic and the diversity of food vendors had to invite for - and encourage - playful exploration.

Most important of all, the visual identity had to be somewhat dynamic at its core.

This was essential as it had to accommodate the constant change that surrounds the market, where new vendors continuously join in.




The result was a combination of a unique typography where letters are integrated with icons. This creates a visual take that is constantly able to adapt to a specific context. 

Infinite combinations between text and icons capture both the unique essence of the individual vendor as well as the collective ambience and atmosphere of the market.