Denmark’s new online marketplace.




How do you sell groceries straight from supplier to consumer?



Mikkel Jespersen


Today, online grocery shopping amounts to 1 % of the total grocery turnover. This share is expected to increase continuously in the future.

Shobr is a new player in the market and distinguish themselves by offering a wide variety of daily groceries. From microbrewery craft beers to frozen goods. From known as well as unknown brands.

The groceries market is a hard one to enter, though. As design partner, we’ve worked closely with Shobr on developing and establishing a viable concept and a clearly defined brand, that’ll be able to challenge in a highly competitive market.




A direct line between brands and consumers


hobr is a service provider that facilitates direct contact and product flow between brands and consumers.

This concept is well known from other industries. Some facilitate private accommodation, others cab driving or music. Shobr does the same with groceries.


Shobr’s unlimited shelf space makes it possible for popular brands to showcase their entire collection of products, which traditional supermarkets are unable to do. This gives the consumer a more inspiring experience, with a wider range of possibilities and the chance to explore new unknown brands.




Simple and forceful


We’ve created a visual identity that is characterized by simplicity, but also has enough force to establish a recognizable brand.

The stringency applied in the design was necessary in order to establish a brand that needs to be operational from Day 1, but also ready for future offshoots.