Norrbom Vinding

Classic values in a modern context.




Norrbom Vinding is one of Scandinavia's largest law firms in labour and employment law practice. Their professional pride and emphasis on classic values such as ethics and personal education, combined with their ability to stay in tune with modern development, has led them to be considered the absolute leaders in their field today.

When designing a new annual report, we challenged Norrbom Vinding's existing identity in order to achieve greater cohesion between the law firm's basic values and their visual expression. This led to a revitalization of Norrbom Vinding's CVI.

Creative Circle Award shortlisted 2017 - Corporate Print

Mikkel Jespersen




The classic and the modern go hand in hand, when you meet Norrbom Vinding in their Østerbro offices. The modern building, the courteous service, the classic design furniture, the modern art and the old law books, that fill the shelves in their offices, are the foundation of their work.

The visual concept is built around references to old law books, with special focus on Norrbom Vinding's professional pride and expertise.


Visual identity




1508 has developed a complete CVI solution, including brand platform, basic design, photo concept, print and digital media rollout, as well as design and frontend on a new website.