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How do you brand a new investment service, that wants to challenge the established financial players?


Nord is a Danish fintech startup, who offers a data-driven investment service free of hidden extra costs. They help you with investment plans and the subsequent asset management. The result is a higher income on your investments, at a lower cost compared to the investment services offered by the established banks and investment funds.

Nord came to us to get help developing an investment brand, that differentiated them from the traditional financial players both visually and in their tone of voice, while also unfolding their unique brand story.


Mikkel Jespersen




It was instantly clear to us, that Nord is a corporation with very strong core values, that their employees live and breathe.

The corporation was established as a reaction to the expensive fees and extra charges, that many investment funds and banks charge private persons, who want to invest. Nord wanted to test the establishment by making financial investments available and affordable for all, without compromising credibility.




Nord was called Northholders when we started working together. This name was also challenged during the process, as the target group found it unnecessarily complicated and constructed. A short naming process led us to the name Nord (North), as it conveys both credibility, simplicity and authenticity.


This user-centered branding gives Nord a differentiating and notable position in a market dominated by conventional values.


The website tells the story of Nord and their investment services in an easily understandable manner. Financial lingo is hidden away, as the story itself takes centre-stage.




Since launching their new website – with a new name and visual identity – Nord has seen a boost in new customers and attention from the market. The conversion rate  from a page visit to a business lead – has increased 25-30%