Nordea Liv & Pension

Digital innovation and transformation at Nordea Liv & Pension




How do you create more innovative and customer-oriented solutions, while also shortening development time?


Nordea Liv & Pension (Nordea Life & Pensions) is one of Denmark’s largest pension providers with more than 330.000 customers. They came to 1508 with a desire to accelerate their digital transformation at three levels:

  • Increase execution speed on their digital products
  • Create more innovative digital solutions
  • Develop solutions closer to – and in co-creation with – their customers

At that time, Nordea Liv & Pension only had a few digital products. The solutions had taken years to develop, and customers normally weren’t involved in the process, before the solutions were launched.


Mikkel Jespersen

”We’ve probably been used to – figuratively speaking – going down the basement, only to reappear after a couple of years and push something out”

Thomas Jensen

Former Development Director, Nordea Liv & Pension






Speed and innovation are key factors at Nordea Liv & Pension. This made Design Sprints the perfect method for developing new digital services.

With validated ideas and insights from the Design Sprints, we could approach challenges with a different level of knowledge. We developed new digital products in an agile development process, where we started by building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), launched it and then made iterations and added further services. This approach made it possible to release new versions continuously, all the time adding value to the customers.


Collaboration far from the basement


To facilitate the development of new products in the best way possible, we established a joint project room. Here, internal experts, 1508 and our regular collaborators from Netcompany checked in daily, securing a close and productive teamwork.

Walls filled with post-its, the whiteboard and countless sketches worked as our collective memory and became the focal point of our daily stand-ups.  


Focus on the customers


Feedback and ideas from the customers were a central part of the flow. We established a test group of more than 500 customers, who frequently had the chance to give feedback on the prototypes.

In the app project, the test group was involved nine times, testing both early ideas and tangible prototypes. On top of this, we always tested new ideas face to face with a large number of customers, to get a deeper understanding and compare with the quantitative data from the test group.




An important part of our job was to secure that sprints, customer involvement and agile development became integrated methods and tools at Nordea Liv & Pension, helping them accelerate their digital transformation. 1508 facilitated the process, but as the team at Nordea Liv & Pension became more and more familiar with the methods, they also became more and more self-reliant.




Innovation-driven Development


The first step in the product development was to determine which digital product would best help customers follow their pensions.

The solution was a mobile app, where customers can see the size of their pension, returns, payments and much more. New self-service options and updates are continuously added to the app.





A corporation geared to innovate fast


The app project was completed within 22 weeks and became the fastest executed IT project ever in Nordea Liv & Pension. The app was launched at the end of 2016 and has since received positive customer feedback.

The existing web-platform was measured to a Net Promoter Score of -45. When the app was released it reached a NPS of +5 and after a few iterations it reached a NPS of +13 in December 2017.

Besides a Net Promoter Score we measured the effect by doing a Customer Effort Score. It showed a progress from 3,5 to 2,7 measured up against the web-platform.

The project has been the catalyst for defining a new project model within Nordea Liv & Pension, and the organisational structure around digital projects has also changed. Digital transformation is gaining a foothold in the corporate headquarters in Ballerup, where words like MVP and sprint are heard more and more often in the corridors.