Kromann Reumert

The largest law firm in Denmark




How do you stand out in a business, that is characterised by strong conventions?


Mikkel Jespersen


Kromann Reumert is the largest law firm in Denmark. The legal business is no business for resting on your laurels, though.

Competition is stark, and necessitates the need for a strong digital presence and a clear differentiation from competitors.

Law firms in Denmark and abroad typically have the same website structure, focusing on their competencies, services, staff and headquarters.

We helped Kromann Reumert with a new digital platform, from the viewpoint that even the leader needs to move forward.








Focus on the clients’ needs


Our analysis showed us a discrepancy between the law firms’ preference for profiling own competencies and the clients’ need for specific business understanding.

To stress Kromann Reumert’s close relation to their clients, we developed a model where client needs always take centre stage.








Help the clients find what they need


The solution is developed in Sitecore, using the DMS. The site is centred around a string of action-oriented search features, helping the clients find what they need – fast.

The key search features and the tight disposition of content makes for a serene expression, free of unnecessary information.



Mikkel Jespersen