Kit Couture

Traditional knitting and embroidery brought up to date.




How do you create a start-up in an industry that hasn’t entered the digital age?



Mikkel Jespersen


All over the Northern hemisphere, the Do-It-Yourself movement has been the latest thing for quite some time now.

At the same time, traditional knitting and embroidery has been in need of revitalisation and new forms of expression, in terms of design, but also digital channels to communicate and make the crafts easily accessible.

We helped our sister company Kit Couture create a completely new kind of crafts company, with a mission to take knitting and embroidery into the digital age.

The dream is to help motivate new generations, who want to use their hands and accomplish end results, that they’ll be proud to wear.




Fashion + traditional knitting and embroidery + help


By combining the fashion trends of today with traditional knitting and embroidery, Kit Couture offers you beautiful products that you can make yourself. The product comes in the shape of a kit, containing everything you'll need to get started fast and easy.

Knitting and embroidery, however, comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as difficulty levels. Developing tools to help newbies as well as experts feel at home and in good hands in the KIT universe became one of the central challenges.




We created a digital platform, that works as both a sales channel, a source for inspiration, and a digital guide to get successfully through the knitting or embroidery project.

Kit School helps the users get all the inspiration and help they need, e.g. through interactive knitting patterns and video guides on how to control the different techniques – everything easily accessible on your mobile or iPad.

The solution also includes a tailor-made collection of icons, and a specially designed typeface, that you can incorporate in the end result. In this way, the identity becomes part of the products.

The e-commerce site is accessible in both Danish and English, and handles payment flows with or without VAT, special deals, etc.