Creating a social brand

Joe & the Juice




How to go global without losing the spirit



Mikkel Jespersen


After launching the first juice bar in 2002, Joe & the Juice has become just as known for the unique atmosphere in the stores, as for their tasty selection of juices, shakes, sandwiches and coffee. Since then, more than 100 new stores have opened, and focus has increasingly turned to the international market.

Growth at this level requires different and increased demands to international brand management and roll-out on new markets. This was the challenge the “Juice Kings” had, when they came to us for help.




Stay true


The Juicers – the hard working, heavily flirting juice mixers behind the counter – are the main ingredient in the Joe & the Juice experience.

This made them the natural focal point of the brand strategic work - both in relation to the customers longing for excitement, and in relation to employer branding and onboarding of new juicers.





The Life of a Juicer


Blog posts and communities. Social clubs and user-generated content. Joe’s Campus, educational courses and recruitment at eye level.

The experience is built around The Life of a Juicer. Obviously, you also have a nice overview of the tasty products as well as a global store locator.



The primary target for the employer branding was to attract new Juicers, who could help strengthen and develop the unique Joe and the Juice experience. We pinpointed job applications per week as the central KPI for the website: Baseline was 50 and our ambition was to double this figure.

The result exceeded our expectations with more than 200 new applications each week – 4 times the number compared to before we launched the site. This explosive rise in job applications has contributed to fulfilling the ambition to take over the world.


We helped Joe & the Juice with digital strategy, UX, design and technical implementation of a digital experience, that is as dynamic and awesome as a Juicer mixing a Pick me up.



Mikkel Jespersen