Innovation framework

How to accelerate innovation through Design Doing.




Ikano Bank was on the lookout for a partner to accelerate their innovation initiatives, digital transformation and becoming truly customer-centric in all business development units.

The challenge was to implement the tools, processes and governance model to make innovation happen the right way on a daily basis.


Mikkel Jespersen




You need buy-in to implement new ways of working. You get buy-in by doing and proving, instead of just thinking and talking. Therefore, we spent a full year helping Ikano create services and products using the 1508 innovation framework and toolbox - simply to involve as many people as possible in our ways of working and proving that the framework can be effective to get faster to market and establish the right customer-centric mindset.

After proving our innovation practice, we introduced our 1508 innovation framework (Proof by Design) as a new way of working at Ikano. People recognised the activities and tools within the framework and weren’t afraid of actually using the activities within the framework.




Ikano Bank X 1508 in numbers


One of the products: Planera


From idea to MVP launch in only 12 weeks with ongoing customer tests as part of development. In November 2018, Ikano Bank launched the app Planera (Swedish for "to plan"), after an intense process of understanding and conceptualising, and just 4 weeks of coding the solution.

Using the majority of the tools in our innovation framework, we created a product, that helps people plan all the activities that are related to moving from one home to another. Before, during and after the actual relocation.


The process included extensive desk and field research - at potential touchpoints at IKEA stores and visiting people in their homes – in order to understand IKEA customers and their needs.

Through in-depth customer interviews, Customer Journey Mapping and Value Proposition Canvas, we pinpointed where to focus our efforts.

And with a hypothesis-driven approach to identifying opportunity spaces, we prototyped, designed, tested and eventually built the app, that was launched in the Swedish App Store November 29th.


5 Dogmas

  1. Proving that the practice actually works - and having cases to prove it - eases the introduction of new ways of working.

  2. You need to create a fit between the already existing processes and new ways of working. Innovation frameworks are not generic.

  3. Experimenting in the way you collaborate and the feeling of involvement through all stages of product development makes people take ownership of the solutions. Ownership is essential to “hit-the-shop-floor”.

  4. Building new competencies are essential when creating small cross-functional product teams.
  5. Top management needs to understand and approve the governance model around the innovation practices and processes.