International Brand Site




When we started working with HAY, they were challenged by the fact that their well-established brand didn’t come through digitally. Their website didn't offer loyal customers a deeper experience of HAY’s brand and products, nor did it help HAY reach new international markets and make potential customers familiar with the brand.

While revitalising HAY’s brand site, it was imminently clear that we shouldn’t tangle with the strong brand itself. Our job was to create a digital platform where HAY’s brand, products and stories would come alive in a dynamic and gratifying digital experience - based on the existing visual identity.


Mikkel Jespersen









Early in the process, we realized that every single HAY product is based on strong stories and a great commitment. We had the privilege to give life to these stories, balancing functionality with playfulness, simplicity and refinement. 

We wanted to create a digital experience, that would introduce new customers to HAY, but also offer loyal customers the chance to get even closer to HAY. A platform that could both inform, inspire and engage. This led us to three primary entry points:



PRODUCTS: An interactive product catalogue showcasing designs and variants, but also the facts and stories behind the design, the materials and the production.


LIVING: A lifestyle magazine with inspirational ideas for modern decor - designed to display different types of content and styles, reflecting new and changing trends.


HAY'S WORLD: A vibrant and dynamic space, offering a glimmer into HAY’s current activities around the world, through short news and Instagram feeds.







The result is an international brand site, that captures the essence of the HAY brand, and combines functionality with playfulness through a flexible design, refined details and well-balanced transitions.

The site is also a vibrant community for seeking inspiration, enriching the customer experience before, during and after a visit to the store itself.




“This is the real deal, a store that sees contemporary Danish design as something fluid and progressive, rather than a static idea …Their website is worth looking at prior to a visit - the photo shoots and animations they have created are almost as beautiful as visiting the store itself.”