Dansk Metal

From Site to Service.




How do you get from communicated value to experienced value?



Mikkel Jespersen


We helped Dansk Metal, the Danish Union of Metalworkers, go through a comprehensive digital transformation. New systems were needed to improve work processes across the organisation, but at the same time we wanted to create digital products that help the individual members solve specific problems.

Instead of just talking about the value of being organised in a union, it was necessary to deliver value in the form of useful services and content, which inspires the members to take action.




You can't digitalise empathy


The strongest point of contact is always the one between people. Therefore, the greatest value lies in the tools that empower the individual in his work, be it a member, who needs to find an answer fast, or a union representative, who needs readily available digital tools to solve a task.


But what tools create the most value, e.g. for the union representatives? We went to the Metal Workers School in Jørlunde and asked that question – and sat down with the union representatives to test 25 different services in Dansk Metal Beta.




Dansk Metal’s digital systems have become easier to use, no matter whether you’re an employee, a union representative, a member – or about to become one.

Today, we see less communication and more usability.

The website has fewer pages, with increased focus on delivering answers fast. An app like the “Salary Negotiator” generates reliable results on the spot, making it a powerful tool for the union representative during wage negotiations, e.g. to see how much a given salary increase will cost the corporation in total.