The poster on the screen

Arken Museum of Modern Art




How do you make a website that captures the essence of art?


While the physical appearance of ARKEN evokes both inspiration and fascination, their digital platform was disconnected from the experience awaiting at ARKEN.

What you experience through emotions and engagement at the museum was curated in wordy presentations and unintuitive navigation on the website.


Mikkel Jespersen


”To offer a virtual and aesthetic art experience with depth in detail”




The poster on the screen


The concept is based on strong coherence between ARKEN’s different media channels – from the poster in the city landscape, to the experience on the website and the visit at the museum.

The site centres on what the visitor needs: Current exhibitions, upcoming exhibitions and directions on how to get to the museum.




Changing colours in the art world

Art experience has replaced art communication. The site is easy to navigate and highlights the user’s experience in order to inspire a trip to the museum.