Umbraco CMS

The right choice in most situations.


Peter Solow
Head of Development

How do you choose CMS?

There’s a lot of aspects to consider, when choosing what CMS (Content Management System) you want to use for your new website. Your needs and concerns might revolve around:

  • Scalability
  • Integration with other systems
  • Segmented communication
  • Development time
  • License fee, maintenance and other costs
  • Open Source vs. Closed Source
  • Easy content creation

Your choice of CMS is essential to both your digital strategy and the preconditions for fulfilling your KPIs. Today, tomorrow and in 5 years’ time.

Your needs dictate the choice

We are certified developers in Umbraco and Sitecore, but we also develop solutions on other platforms. Our recommendations on what CMS to choose are based on strategical and technical evaluations of what platform best serves your needs, while also taking account of critical issues such as development time, maintenance and costs.

Our recommendation will often be Umbraco. We have a number of certified Umbraco developers. We’ve developed every imaginable type of website in Umbraco. And we are deeply engaged in the active development of new plug-ins to Umbraco’s Open Source community. But on top of this, we actually believe that Umbraco is the right choice in most situations.

User-friendly editing

A simple and user-friendly interface makes life easy for the users of your website. By scrapping unnecessary distractions, users can focus on solving the problem that led them to your site. The conversion rate rises and your site becomes a service.

But why should this be any different back-end? Umbraco is designed to make day-to-day work easy for Content Creators. This way they can focus on what they want the users to experience, instead of struggling with technical challenges, when composing pages or editing the content.

The whole package

Umbraco is based on Open Source-technology, where a community of developers from all over the world contribute with all thinkable and unthinkable kinds of plug-ins. 

The endless number of plug-ins make any kind of customisation possible, no matter whether your needs concern personalisation, geolocation, integration with CRM, Rich Media, or Social Media – or anything else.

This makes Umbraco suitable for all types of websites, from small campaign sites to complex corporate sites and e-commerce.

And even though Umbraco fulfils all needs, it’s surprisingly easy to use – for the Web Designer as well as the Content Creator - in their day-to-day work, and when the entire system needs to be updated to a new version.

Full control

With the launch of Umbraco Version 7, there’s no longer any limitations to design and navigation functionalities. This is good news for the Web Designer, for the User Experience Designer, and for anyone else, who has high ambitions for their digital presence.

Umbraco 7 gives you full control on design and mark-up, and you can customize your solution exactly as you want it, without having to compromise with the technical setup.

Better handling of your media files

We all know the situation. Your media library is stuffed with various versions of your images in all shapes and sizes. Umbraco makes media handling easy and you can crop images directly in the system.

In addition, Umbraco’s media handling is optimized for responsive design, and the need for different image displays on different devices.

Actually, the editor interface itself is mobile optimized, making it possible to edit text back-end or upload images to the media library straight from your phone.