Digital media

When you already know what you want.


In the majority of our projects we know from the very beginning that we’re working towards a specific product – a website, an e-commerce solution, a new CMS, or a new visual identity.

How the product will be designed – what characteristics and functionalities it will have – depends on how we can best realise the customer’s digital potential.

Through the past 15 years we’ve developed and implemented more than 500 websites, for both public clients and private corporations.

We know that every customer has unique wishes, needs and business objectives, and that the solution has to support the corporation’s strategical communication and brand.

We generally always handle UX, design and Frontend (HTML) in-house, and we either implement the solution ourselves or form partnerships with external suppliers.

Responsive design is a given – the solution has to work across platforms and screen sizes.

When we implement the solution ourselves, we primarily build in Sitecore or Umbraco.


We need to get to know you, to find out how we can help you. We uncover target groups, customer needs, business objectives and the market situation. We get insights from your present communication materials, interviews and web analytics, and we analyse how your digital channels support each other. We prefer your close collaboration, since you know your business better than we do.


Based on the pre-analysis we define a strategy and create an action plan for the development of the digital platforms. The strategy includes specifications on functional requirements, how we create value for your customers and what Jobs-to-be-Done we need to support.



When specifications are in place, we begin the design process. Flows and pages are sketched by hand. Then we build the solution in wireframes or design directly in the browser, securing documentation of volume, structure and flows. At this point, a lot of dependencies start appearing – between technical development, User Experience, Brand Experience and design. Therefore, a lot of people use their competencies simultaneously.

The Brand Experience is tightly linked with the visual identity and design. We develop basic design, content principles, interaction design and identity design. Always with a keen eye for the unique element, and always based on the corporation’s market position and general communication.

Content is a task on its own. We offer strategic advice and help with the production and implementation of content, as well as content governance.


We build digital platforms. We work as a team. The technical aspects are defined early in the project, which secures a solid platform.

We believe in the agile manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

We build in Sitecore and Umbraco.


Of course. We test whether the solution meets the strategical and communicative requirements. Before, during, and after launch. We also test whether it works on a technical level.


We define digital KPIs and follow the solution’s performance with Google Analytics. With this in place, it’s easy to detect how we can optimise the solution most efficiently after launch.