Business Sketching

Learn to use sketching as a communication tool.

Business Sketching is a communication tool

Business Sketching is a quick and effective communication tool. By applying simple sketching techniques, everyone can learn to visualise ideas and processes, and come across more convincingly with important messages.

The simple sketches make it easy and effective to reach a collective understanding, and convince others in meetings and presentations. Business Sketching also gives you greater confidence at the whiteboard, and secures engagement among the meeting participants.

With Business Sketching you can...

  • Run effective meetings
  • Secure quick collective understanding
  • Clarify messages and ideas
  • Create a collective visual language
  • Make collaboration engaging and interactive
  • Create a collective visual memory during projects
  • Save time and money

Do you recognise these situations?

Presentations and hand-overs die away in words and talk, because the recipients are unengaged and - consciously or unconsciously – give up on the message.

Precious time is squandered on misunderstandings and bad communication.

Overview and transparency is a distant dream, because all information and materials are hidden away in computers and reports.

Avoid drowning in blah blah blah

Business Sketching helps you clarify your message through visualisation. The idea is to support your words and focus on the central part of your message. At the same time, Business Sketching involves and engages, making it possible to come to agreement faster.

Business Sketching is a tool everyone can learn

Sketching is not only for designers. On the contrary, Project Managers, HR, Executives, Strategists, Business Developers, Tech People, Analysts, Facilitators, etc. can all prosper from using Business Sketching as a tool.

Business Sketching is like working in "Beta mode”

Beta mode is a test state, where new ideas are constantly added and tested to see if they make sense. Business Sketching works in the same way, as it is an easy and quick way to visualise an idea and get feedback from others, without spending loads of time and resources. This makes Business Sketching super-efficient, since we can’t deny that time is money.

Visualisation makes it easy to share

When you visualise your thoughts and ideas, it’s easier for others to give feedback and get engaged in your work.

When you solve complex issues together, the collaboration becomes more efficient and manageable when you work visually.

It’s incredibly easy to digitalise your sketches, and thereby share your ideas and thoughts with many.

Learn from the best

Louise Klinker is a User Experience Designer, but also a fantastic communicator and one of the best at sketching with basic symbols. Louise has 15+ years' experience with sketching. She regularly teaches corporations in Business Sketching and she’s also the creator of our online courses.


Learn Business Sketching online

We offer online sketching courses consisting of three different parts - ’The Basics’, ’People’ and ’Putting it all together’. Each of them are packed with videos, explanations and practical tests, giving you the chance to master the techniques at your own pace. The courses are for everyone – all you need is paper, sketching tools, internet and a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Get started here

Morgenboosters about Business Sketching

We’ve held several Morgenboosters about Business Sketching, where we introduced different exercises and talked about how to implement sketching in a corporate setting.

Morgenboosters are held in Danish, but slides are available in English.